NJ Clerk-Treasurer Provides Additional Info about Proposed Splash Pad Project

While it hasn’t been at the forefront of public discussions, North Judson officials have continued to talk about the installation of a splash pad over the last several months.

When the Town Council met last week, Clerk-Treasurer Andrew Rowe informed members that the construction and architecture firm “Premiera” was interested in submitting a design and cost for the splash pad project.

Rowe said that after speaking with Councilman James Young, they agreed it could be beneficial to get at least one more design and quote from another company, in addition to the cost estimate and plans that were initially received from Vortex Aquatic Structures. He said he will work to solicit one additional proposal so they have a total of three to consider.

Rowe added that he plans to speak with Knox Mayor Dennis Estok about the City’s splash pad project to gain some insight on the process from the perspective of someone who’s already been through it.

Other than considering their options, officials have also been checking into potential funding sources to help cover additional expenses for the splash pad itself as well as associated amenities such as a nearby restroom facility, shaded areas and seating.

Clerk-Treasurer Rowe and Councilman Young have been researching a crowd-funding option called “Patronicity”.

This is a site that works in conjunction with state agencies, such as the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority, to assist with community projects.

Clerk-Treasurer Rowe shared a bit about the organization when community members gathered for a comprehensive plan public input session back in May.

He explained, “Patronicity is one thing where, for every dollar we raise, they match it. So, you know, let’s say a project costs $60,000, if we raise $15,000 then give us the other $15k, we’re half way there.”

While officials continue to research additional funding sources to help offset project costs, the Town still has $60,000 set aside that was specifically budgeted for the splash pad.