NJ Officials to Meet with School Board Rep Applicants

The North Judson Town Council will hold interviews this week to talk with the individuals who are interested in serving as the school board representative.

When members met last Monday, Town Council President John Rowe said that two people applied for the position. Current representative Sheila Akers reapplied and Jeri Brewer also indicated they would like to do the job.  

Akers noted that her current term ends on June 30th. The new term would run through June of 2023.

The council decided to hold an executive session to meet with the interested individuals. No date was determined during the meeting, however, Clerk-Treasurer Andrew Rowe said he would touch base with the applicants to set the exact date and time.

The results of the interviews, as well as the council’s selection for their appointment, will likely be addressed when members hold their second meeting of the month on Monday, June 17th.