North Judson Resident Asks Building Inspector about Installing Solar Panels

North Judson’s Town Attorney will be looking over the town’s zoning rules following a question submitted by the Building Inspector Monday evening.

During his report, Building Inspector Nick Radtke mentioned that a citizen came to him with a request and he was unable to find any existing Town rules related to the matter.

Radke explained, “I have a resident in Town that’s wanting to do solar panels on the ground and currently, I’ve looked, and I don’t really see any kind of ordinance.”

He continued, “They’re wanting to know about setbacks. I don’t know if we can get some guidelines for people doing solar panels.”

Town Attorney Justin Schramm said he hasn’t had a chance to thoroughly review the town’s zoning book.

He told Radke that he’ll take a look at it to see if that type of equipment would fall under any other category that may already be regulated.

He mentioned that he’ll coordinate with Clerk-Treasurer Andrew Rowe so he can review the existing zoning rules.