North Judson Title VI and ADA Coordinators Established

North Judson officials established Title VI and ADA coordinators during Monday night’s town council meeting. 

Fleis and VandenBrink Senior Project Manager Mitch Hansel returned to the council to discuss a few different matters, including these positions. He told members that these positions exist to essentially ensure that residents are being treated fairly.

He explained that former Town Superintendent Marshall Horstmann was serving as the ADA Coordinator but since his resignation, the Town hasn’t had someone serving in that capacity.

He noted that if somebody feels like they can’t get into a building or they’re having trouble accessing a certain street or public facility, they would submit a form to the Town’s ADA Coordinator to have the matter addressed.

Hansel stated that Town officials also needed to establish a Title VI Coordinator.

He explained, “Any complaints about discrimination; if they feel that they were discriminated against in hiring or some other activity that the Town does, they would fill out a form and submit that to the Title VI coordinator.”

The council members recommended that current Town Superintendent Joe Leszek should take over as ADA Coordinator and suggested that Clerk-Treasurer Andrew Rowe could serve as the Title VI Coordinator.

Both men agreed to fulfill those duties. The town council members cast a unanimous vote to appoint Leszek and Rowe to those positions.