North Judson Town Council Approves Right-Of-Way Permit

A right-of-way permit form was submitted to North Judson Town Council members for consideration last week.

Town Attorney Justin Schramm created the document, amending an existing Indiana Department of Transportation form to include additional considerations specific to the Town of North Judson.

Clerk-Treasurer Andrew Rowe explained how the matter was brought to the attention of Town officials.

He explained, “We had an instance where this came up with the Community Foundation moving next to First Farmers and they were looking to upgrade the data, and cabling and technology side of their location and the company doing the work inquired about a right-of-way permit.”

Rowe said while he did direct them to coordinate with the Building Inspector and Town Superintendent about the existing infrastructure at the site, they didn’t have a permit related to right-of-way usage. He noted that creating one seemed like it would be beneficial for future development.

Attorney Schramm added that having the form will also give officials a better understanding of the scope of a particular project before it gets underway.

Members voted unanimously to approve the form and incorporate the right-of-way permit into the town’s schedule of fees.