Oregon-Davis School Board Adds eLearning Option to School Calendar

The Oregon-Davis School Board has agreed to bring back eLearning. Board members voted Monday to add some eLearning language to the 2019-2020 school calendar, according to Superintendent Dr. Don Harman. “That will include this statement: ‘At the discretion of the superintendent, an eLearning day may be utilized, if needed, throughout the school year,'” Harman explains.

Harman says the preference will still be to use in-class make-up days as much as possible, but eLearning will be available in case school has to be closed for several days in a row. “This year was a prime example,” he says. “If we know that we’re going to have a bad situation with weather, for example, we will prepare our students, staff, and patrons that we’ll have eLearning days, for example, again, like if we had three days of cold weather. Also, this would give us some flexibility if the last day of school would be the Tuesday after Memorial Day, like it happened this year. If we could have an eLearning day to eliminate that, that would be best.”

He stresses that the primary goal is to keep students in the classroom.