Starke County Commissioners Approve New Job Titles for Auditor’s Office

The Starke County Commissioners approved two new titles for employees in the Auditor’s Office.

Auditor Rachel Oesterreich said in 2020 she’d like to add a job title of Human Resource Specialist.  That person would oversee employee benefit programs, and inform employees of benefits by studying and assessing benefit trends.  The specialist would also recommend benefits to management, direct and process benefit funds, ensure legal compliance, and follow federal and state requirements. 

The employee would also need to go to additional training for FMLA issues, short-term disability information and other HR content.

The job would be paid for out of the auditor’s budget.

Another job title that would be added in the Auditor’s Office in 2020 would be Plat Book Coordinator.  This employee would keep up with GIS and maintaining plat books and splitting and combining properties.  This job title would be paid for out of the Auditor’s Transfer Fee Fund as allowed by state statute.

With the commissioners’ approval, the funding aspect will be discussed with the Starke County Council members during budget planning sessions.