Starke County Highway Superintendent, Surveyor to Look into Drainage Issues

The recent rain events caused issues on several Starke County roads and Highway Superintendent Rik Ritzler and Surveyor Bill Crase are working to alleviate those problems.

Ritzler told the Starke County Commissioners this week that drainage issues are being addressed at 1100 E. and 750 S., 900 E. between State Road 10 and 625 S., Elm Street at Bass Lake, Lenon Ave. and general drainage at Boa Shores, and Iroquois Avenue at Koontz Lake.

Ritzler said the Koontz Lake drainage issue at State Road 23 is the most difficult issue at the moment, but Ritzler hopes INDOT can give direction on a decision to correct the problem.

“The way the State can help us on this one is they have a drain that they put in when they built the dam, right next to it,” explained Ritzler.  “Generally, they have not allowed locals to connect into those drains – probably for good reason.  But, really that is the only solution for that problem.  We have looked and there’s nothing we can do.  One of property owners dammed it off from the roadway, as they’re allowed to do.  The water that used to go onto his property back to where it’s supposed to drain no longer goes that way.  It gets stuck on there.”

Ritzler noted that Bill Crase is also working on a drainage plan at that property that may involve getting it back to the Robbins Ditch, but it’s quite a distance from the property. 

Ritzler hopes to work meet with INDOT officials soon to come up with the best solution possible for the drainage issues and other concerns from residents and the highway department.