Starke County Officials Examine Possible SYSCO Property Acquisition

A discussion point at Monday’s budget workshop between Starke County officials included the SYSCO property in Hamlet. 

The conversation was introduced by Starke County Commissioner Kathy Norem who suggested that the county take back the property sold to SYSCO in 2006 and market the economic development area the way the county wants to see it on the market.

“Nobody is going to do anything for Starke County,” stated Norem.  “The only one who is going to do something for Starke County is us.”

Norem brought the conversation to the commissioners meeting Monday night who suggested that the discussion continue at the next Starke County Council meeting on June 17.  Norem noted that there was a general interest in moving forward with that, but no decisions were made. 

Norem said Council President Dave Pearman thought that the company should donate the property back to the county, but Starke County Economic Development Foundation Executive Director Larry Wickert thought that might be unrealistic. 

Wickert added that the entire property could be split into different parcels where a lead rail track could easily be constructed.  Looking even further down the line, he said the county may look at extending sewers and roads in that area to accommodate development, but the first step is acquiring the property. 

Information on the current listing price of the property was not immediately available.