Winamac Officials Approve Cost for Plotting New Cemetery Addition

The cost for the plotting the new ‘McFarland Addition’ of the Winamac Town Cemetery was presented to council members Monday night.

At their meeting in May, the town council members agreed to let Dan McKinley perform the plotting work for the addition. When they met this week, Town Manager Brad Zellers explained that the estimated cost for work is $3,200. Zellers said McKinley was asking for $1,600 of the cost upfront.

He mentioned that the cost includes plotting the addition, mapping it out and providing a copy of the map to Town Officials. McKinley’s quote will also cover the price of purchasing about 365 aluminum markers.

Town Council members voted unanimously to approve the price.

Zellers added that he has an idea that will help with future development in the addition.

He explained, “I’m going to see if we can cut off some pieces of rebar and if he slides that under those, then we can take the metal detector and find them because the metal detector won’t find the aluminum.”

Zellers said the cost for the rebar wasn’t included in McKinley’s quote but he felt like the Town could help cover the cost for the additional material. Town Council President Tom Murray noted that he was aware of a source they could use to get a good deal on the metal.