Hamlet Park Board Considers Skate Park Repairs, Other Potential Projects

Hamlet Town Park

Skate park upgrades, a walking trail, and maybe even a small splash pad are a few items on the Hamlet Park Board’s wish list for the Town Park. During last week’s meeting, Board Member Brian Earnest pointed out that the board typically tries to complete at least one big-ticket item each year, if money’s available.

He felt the skate park could use some work, but resurfacing all of it with concrete might be more than the town can afford. The suggestion was made to just keep half of it and leave space for future projects. “We could change it, too,” Earnest added. “If we did that, if we split that in half, we’d move that big ramp up towards the front, so that way, you’ve got more play area over on the end . . . because then, like you said, you may be able to afford resurfacing that one half of it with stuff that’s not going to need to be redone all the time.”

In the long-term, board members suggested looking into adding a small splash pad or a least a mist feature, to give park users a place to cool down. They also agreed that a walking trail either through or around the park would also be worth looking into. For this year, Board President Dave Kesvormas felt the town would be able to afford $4,000 in upgrades.

Additionally, board members agreed that a cracked slide in the park’s small plastic playground should be replaced, but they didn’t think it would cost more than a few hundred dollars.