Knox Police Chief Questions Outdoor Displays

Knox City Police Chief Harold Smith asked the Knox Board of Works members last week on the record about the allowance of sidewalk sales by downtown merchants.

Smith said one downtown business has several items out in a display and wondered about public safety.

Knox Mayor Dennis Estok said if there is at least a pathway where pedestrians can walk, they are allowed. 

According to the ordinance, a four-foot pathway must be clear for the passage of foot traffic and it must not be more than six feet in height if directly by the building and not higher than four feet if it is away from the building.  The display “shall be permitted only within an area not greater than 15 percent of the gross floor area of the building, except outdoor garden displays…”  Displays “shall be located no less than 25 feet from the edge of any street or highway, at least five feet on either side of a sidewalk, and more than three feet from any building entrance.”

It also states that “outdoor sales and displays must be located at least 25 feet from any residentially used or zoned property and meet all other setbacks.”

The ordinance can be found by clicking here.