Knox Wastewater Treatment Facility Project Still in Planning Stages

The Knox Wastewater Treatment Facility improvement project is moving forward.

Wastewater Superintendent Kelly Clemons told the Knox Board of Works members last week that representatives from Jones, Petrie and Rafinski were to bring in preliminary mechanical drawings for review last week.  They’ll be working on a necessary upgrade to the head works and the pre-treatment system.

Currently, the pumps are wearing down as grit and debris are getting into the pumps before it gets to the screening system. The screens are also in bad shape with rust from highly corrosive wastewater. 

The wastewater improvement project is being funded in part by a $700,000 grant administered by the Office of Community and Rural Affairs.  The total cost of the project is $1,972,770.  The city will provide the remaining funds with bond money and other funding through the budget.