Oregon-Davis Parents Suggest Partnering with Businesses to Save Money on Facilities Upgrades

As the Oregon-Davis School Corporation considers potential facilities upgrades, some parents are thinking outside the box, to find ways to keep costs down. During a facilities tour Wednesday, Superintendent Dr. Don Harman noted that the baseball field could use a new press box, as well as some other improvements, while the bleachers at the track need a new foundation to help with drainage issues.

Parent Luke Bradley suggested seeing whether the South Bend Cubs would be willing to sponsor upgrades at the baseball field. He also wondered if local concrete companies would work with O-D students as part of a building trades project, and offer a discounted rate, due to the potential publicity. Harman seemed to agree that those options are worth exploring.

Bradley also mentioned the possibility of installing solar panels on the O-D campus, noting that there’s plenty of room for them. Harman said he’d already looked into that, but determined that since O-D gets power from Kankakee Valley REMC rather than NIPSCO, that option wouldn’t be as cost-effective.