Pulaski County Council Approves Tax Abatement Renewals, Despite Compliance Concerns

The Pulaski County Council narrowly approved a list of tax abatement renewals Monday, despite concerns about one business’s compliance. FRATCO’s paperwork drew the attention of Council Member Kathi Thompson. She pointed out that while the business was meeting its requirement for the number of employees, the total salaries that were listed fell short of projections.

Thompson moved to approve the rest of the eligible abatements but hold off on FRATCO’s, until another special session planned for next Monday. “I’m going to look at abatements for what they say they’re going to do,” Thompson said. “I think that’s our job is if somebody has applied for an abatement and they say, ‘We’re going to hire this many people, and we’re going to pay this much in salaries,’ it’s our job to make sure that they are following through with what they say they’re going to do.”

Council Member Rudy DeSabatine called a representative of the company, who explained that the salary figure was an error and that office and sales staff’s salaries were possibly overlooked. But that clarification only came after the council voted three-to-two to approve all eligible abatements, including FRATCO’s, as presented.

After voting in favor, Council Member Scott Hinkle explained that he didn’t want to jeopardize the companies in the county. Thompson and Brian Young cast the opposing votes, while Ken Boswell and Mike Tiede were absent when the vote was taken.

Meanwhile, two of Plymouth Tube’s renewals of real property tax abatements were once again denied, since they were apparently not eligible for renewal. But a personal property tax abatement for the company was renewed. Thompson also pointed out that Standard Properties had failed to meet employment and salary projections, but since its abatement is technically under the Winamac Town Council’s jurisdiction, the county council wasn’t able to formally oppose it.