Several Francesville Voters May Have to Update Registration Information

A change in Francesville’s mail delivery has led to a number of voters being listed as inactive. Pulaski County Clerk JoLynn Behny told the rest of the election board last week that the state is updating its voter list, to figure out which voters are inactive.

“A number of these inactive voters are from Francesville because they have gone from P.O. boxes to actual mailboxes, and they have not updated their election information,” Behny explained.

Over the past few months, the Indiana Secretary of State’s Office sent out postcards to voters. If they’re returned as undeliverable, a second one is sent out to the forwarding address on-file with the Postal Service, asking residents to confirm or update their address or cancel their voter registration. Secretary of State Connie Lawson has said the effort helps protect the integrity of the state’s elections.

Behny urged voters whose information has changed to make sure they bring it up-to-date. “The state is pushing the voter list maintenance, and we are checking off many inactive voters,” she said. “So in preparation of the 2020 election, make sure you get your voter registration information updated.”

Residents can register to vote at their county clerk’s office, at any Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles license branch, with the Indiana Voters app, or at To help Francesville residents, county officials said they’ve also made voter registration forms available at Francesville Town Hall. The Secretary of State’s Office says voters can also confirm their registration and find out who’s on their ballot by using the app.

Francesville does not have any elections this year, but if you live in a town that does and plan to vote, the deadline to register is October 7.