Stellar Designation Could Mean Park Upgrades, Downtown Revitalization for North Judson

Picture Source: Town of North Judson FB Page

The Town of North Judson may see some park upgrades and downtown beautification projects, if the Constellation of Starke region is designated a Stellar Community. Clerk-Treasurer Andrew Rowe says he gave an update on the group’s efforts during Monday’s town council meeting.

“We have our comprehensive plan that HWC Engineering is doing,” he explains, “and DLZ is doing the regional plan with the the Stellar group directly, that the town also has a hand in.”

He says the regional plan calls for improvements to the Town Park, as well as Norwayne Field. Meanwhile, the comprehensive plan specific to the town will likely include some recommendations for revitalization. “HWC’s comprehensive’s planning more has a look towards our downtown streetscapes, revitalization, beautification, and that area,” Rowe adds. “So they’re sort of split along parks and more of our downtown streetscapes and revitalization.”

Constellation of Starke is one of four finalist regions for this year’s Stellar designation. The winner is scheduled to be announced in December.