Knox Mayor Announces Weekly Opportunities to Play Pickle Ball

The City of Knox will start hosting weekly opportunities to play at the new pickleball courts in Wythogan Park and community members have a chance to get involved in a game tonight.

Knox Mayor Dennis Estok made the announcement when the city council met Tuesday night.

Estok shared, “Anybody interested in pickleball, we are going to start playing actually, every Thursday night, starting this Thursday night (08/15) at 5:30.”

City Council President Ron Parker asked about the specifics of the game.

He inquired, “Explain real quick, what is it? What is pickleball?” Mayor Estok replied, “Pickleball is, like they say, a combination of ping pong, tennis, and badminton. It’s fun, it really is.”

Photo Source: Lora Estok

Mayor Estok noted that there wasn’t a huge turnout during the call-out held on Sunday but there were still enough people to have a fun time.

He shared a bit more about the physical advantages of playing the game.  

The Mayor said, “If you look at the court, it’s small and you think, ‘how’s everybody bragging as far as exercise and all that?’ but there’s a lot of movement.”

He continued, “Not a lot of running like in tennis when you’re running all over but it’s movement with your legs and your upper body.”

Estok explained they currently have temporary nets up but the permanent ones have been ordered.

He added that if individuals can, they should bring their own paddles. However, he said that for the first few weeks, the players who have equipment will be able to share with those who do not.