Knox School Board Approves Credit Activities for 2019-2020 School Year

Credit activities for the 2019-2020 school year came before the Knox School Board when members met last Tuesday.

Superintendent Dr. William Reichhart provided a brief synopsis about what credit activities are.

He explained, “It’s so that when students attend these concerts or marching band contests, they receive credits towards their letter grade in the class so they have to attend these in order to get credit.”

He added that the board is asked to approve these on an annual basis.

High School Principal Dr. Elizabeth Ratliff went into a bit more detail, noting the policy is relevant to students in band, choir, and theater as well as upperclassman who take Chinese courses.  

She told members, “Chinese 2&3, I think they’re on there, they do a trip also and part of that is the outreach piece that goes with it because that gives them that cultural immersion for those upper levels,”

Dr. Ratliff continued, “but with band and choir, if you don’t attend any choir concerts, there really is not a reason to be in choir.”

She stated that those extra activities essentially count as the “lab experience” for those classes and by accepting them the board is permitting teachers to incorporate participation into a student’s grade.

The school board members provided unanimous approval for the activities that were presented to them.