Culver Town Manager Submits Projects for Community Crossings Matching Grant Funding

Culver Town Manager Jonathan Leist submitted a list of projects that could benefit from the state’s Community Crossings Matching Grant program.

He told the town council members recently that this is the first time he’s submitted a request of this nature for drainage work.  The work will be done on South Main and Davis Street.  He said that project is in the 2009 utility master plan.

If approved, the $250,000 match will come from the town’s paving budget.  If the drainage component is approved as part of the application, the match funding will come from the storm sewer fund.  Leist said previously that the matching grant will pay for storm water infrastructure as well as road paving. Water and sewer costs and engineering costs will need to be covered by the town.

Other proposed projects include Cass Street from Slate Street to Lake Street, Clymax from Jefferson to Marmont, Plymouth from Mill to Obispo, West Shore Street from South Main to Lincoln which will be part of the drainage project, Washington Street from Ohio Street to east terminus, State Street from College Street to Lake Shore Drive, and Obispo from Batabano to Wabash Streets.