Veterans Memorial Park Concrete Removal, Bench Installation Discussed with Winamac Park Board

Efforts continue to expand the green space at Veterans Memorial Park in Winamac. During last week’s park board meeting, board member and town manager Brad Zellers said there might be some money in the town’s curb and sidewalk budget to remove the remnants of a concrete ramp off of Washington Street.

“I’d like to take that out, redo the sidewalk down to where that entrance is, and put grass where that is now, where it’s got that concrete ramp,” he explained. “And that would put grass around that much further. I think it wouldn’t take that much, and we could get it that much further.”

The rest of the park board liked that idea. Zellers will now take it to the town council for further consideration.

Resident Fred Zahrt has expressed interest in further developing Veterans Memorial Park. The park board has discussed the possibility of replacing some of the gravel area on its east side with more green space.

Zellers also reported that the bench that has recently been donated for the park has arrived, but Park Manager Dave DeLorenzo still needs to decide exactly where to put it. DeLorenzo said he’s thinking about putting the base in the mulch, with the bench facing the brick area.