Starke County Council, Commissioners Discuss EMA Reimbursement

Members of the Starke County Council and Commissioners held a discussion on EMA reimbursement last week.

They discovered that the county isn’t being fully reimbursed for half of the EMA salary as declared by a previous EMA Director.

There are certain requirements that EMA Directors need to meet every year.  Hours dedicated to the EMA work are reimbursable.  Required training is also reimbursable by the State.   

Auditor Rachel Oesterreich said current EMA Director J. Nier is attempting to get all of the requirements done since she’s been in the full-time position for the past year-and-a-half. 

Indiana Department of Homeland Security District 2 Coordinator Stormy Friday told the council and commissioners that she will run reports on past reimbursement activity and submit it to the auditor and commissioners for review. 

There are two other positions within this reimbursement opportunity that will be reviewed as well. 

The council and commissioners may decide to update the job description and qualifications for the EMA Director and and see if they warrant only a part-time position. 

No decisions were made during last week’s joint meeting.