West Central High School to Open Coffee Bar

West Central Middle/High School Principal Scott Ritchie informed the school board last week that a coffee bar will be opening this school year for students after Labor Day.

“We’re going to sell iced coffees and regular coffees,” explained Ritchie.  “We see a lot of kids that walk in with those in the morning and it’s a way to get our Food Services involved in that and the other items that they sell.”

Ritchie said there is a plan for the use of the profits from the coffee bar.

“We’re going to use the proceeds to fund our Unified Track Team, or Unified Sports Teams, which are the Special Olympics groups.  We can easily field those teams, I think, with the number of students that we would have who can participate.  With Unified Track, which is an IHSAA event, you have to do a $1,500 donation to the Special Olympics.”

The coffee bar will be in the cafeteria. Ritchie stressed that the product to be served during the day will be within certain regulations and health standards.  He hopes that the coffee bar will be available during games to sell coffee drinks to the fans who come to the school. 

The coffee items are donated, as well as the coffee machines through the vendor.  The Dairy Council is donating the milk and blenders.