West Central School Officials Considering Acquisition of Narcan

The West Central School Board may opt to keep the opiate reversal drug Narcan on hand at the school corporation. 

Superintendent Dan Zylstra explained to board members that School Nurse Kristen Mellon was approached about the possibility of stocking Narcan in the case of an emergency.

“We don’t have any right now, but there’s a desire for some people to have it offered at our school,” said Zylstra.  “We’re looking at what that would look like and what rules there would be if we had that on hand.  We’re exploring that possibility.  Kristen is comfortable having it.  We just want to make sure we’re comfortable in that we know what to do in all kinds of contingencies.”

Staff training would be offered if the school board moves forward with the acquisition of Narcan. It would be provided free to the school.

It was noted that it is unknown what drug residue, like carfentanyl, could be at any place at any time where anyone can be exposed. 

School Board member Kyle McTeigue commented that it’s “silly” not to have Narcan.

“I mean it could be as simple as a teacher wiping something off of a desk, they overdose on it and then we have a teacher who overdosed and didn’t know what they were touching.”

More information will be relayed to the school board in a future meeting.