A Few Items Remain, to Bring 253 West Locust Drive in Knox Up to Code

The owner of 253 West Locust Drive still has some work to do, to bring the property up to code.

Back in July, the Knox Board of Works appeared open to the idea of waiving $900 in fines, if the owner could get the site cleaned up.

But during last week’s meeting, Director of Building and Code Compliance Kenny Pfost, said there were still trailers that had to be moved out of the front yard, a car that needed proper plates, and a sink in the backyard with weeds growing out of it. On top of that, Pfost said there were three snow blades in front of the house, even though there were only two vehicles that would accept them.

The owner told board members he wasn’t going to get rid of his snow blades, since they are apparently a large source of his income. Board Member Steve Dodge suggested that he simply find somewhere else to put them. Board members were also told that the sink is being used for flowers.

Pfost said he was fine with giving the owner more time to bring the property into compliance. He felt that it shouldn’t take more than a week or two.

The board of works voted to table the matter until its next meeting.