Plumbing Problems Creating Challenges for Pulaski Circuit Court

Plumbing issues at the Pulaski County Courthouse are creating some challenges for Circuit Court. Issues with clogged sewage lines have prompted county officials to close off certain restrooms for the time-being, including one in the court’s offices.

The problem, according to Judge Mary Welker, is that’s the restroom that attorneys use during jury trials. “So we have everybody going downstairs,” she told the commissioners, “and if we have jurors that go downstairs to use the restroom before we’ve actually selected a jury, then you’ve got attorneys and jurors and everybody else mixing, which heads for a mistrial.”

The plumbing issue apparently stems from the fact that the drain from the courthouse is apparently six inches lower than the town’s sewer line. Commissioner Kenny Becker said DeSabatine Brothers Excavating is recommending the installation of a lift station.

The company offered to install a two-horsepower model for a cost of $12,000 or a five-horsepower one for $16,000. The commissioners weren’t sure where that money would come from. In the end, the commissioners decided to get another quote, after they were reminded that Rudy DeSabatine is a member of the county council.

Commissioner Mike McClure noted that Rowland Design recently told county officials and the public that the building was sound, and Commissioner Becker replied that Rowland apparently never talked to Maintenance Director Mia Salyers about the issue. “Because she knew the problem before they went through and looked at it,” Becker said.

“Well, but he said they were going to replace all the plumbing and all of the electric, was part of his quote,” Judge Welker pointed out.

Becker said the plumbing issues are not related to the 2017 reconfiguration of the basement restrooms, to bring them up to ADA standards.