Hamlet Council Joins Starke County Election Board in Calling Off Town Election

The Hamlet Town Council has officially voted not to hold a town election this year, due to a lack of contested races. The only candidates to run were the current office-holders: Clerk-Treasurer Kristina Pitts and town council members Connie Bailey, Brian Earnest, and Dave Kesvormas.

Last week, council members passed a resolution asking the Starke County Election Board to pass its own resolution ordering that an election not be held in Hamlet this year. That’s just a formality at this point, since the election board already did that. The resolution cites the cost savings of foregoing an election, as well as an Indiana Code that allows unopposed candidates to be certified as elected.

Town Attorney Martin Bedrock asked what would happen if something were to happen to one of the elected officials between now and Election Day. Kesvormas, who also serves as Starke County Republican Party chair, explained that a replacement would be chosen by a party caucus.