Culver Town Council Considers Road Salt Purchase, EMS Services Contract

The Culver Town Council members took action last week to approve the purchase of road salt for the upcoming winter season.

Town Manager Jonathan Leist presented a quote gathered by Utility Superintendent Bob Porter from Frick Services for 150 tons of treated salt at $116.00 per ton delivered.  The cost would be $17,400 for the winter season.  

Leist noted that the town doesn’t have much of a supply from last year. 

The company will guarantee the number of tons and store it and deliver it as needed.  If the town doesn’t use the entire amount purchased, Frick Services will store it for $6.00 a ton until next year. 

The council members unanimously approved the purchase. 

In additional action by the town council members last week, a contract with Tippecanoe Township and Pulaski County for EMS services was approved for $6,000 for this year.  The contract price will increase to $6,500 in 2020 and 2021 based on additional costs in upgrading to a paramedic service. 

The council members unanimously approved the contract.