Culver Town Council Updated on Proposed East Shore Conservancy District

Progress in creating an East Shore Conservancy District in Culver is moving along.

Culver Town Attorney Jim Clevenger said East Shore Corporation representatives are expected to speak at a Department of Natural Resources hearing on Dec. 10 concerning the need to connect to the Town of Culver’s wastewater system for sewage treatment. 

Work toward the establishment of the East Shore Conservancy District began in August when the corporation’s wetland disbursement system failed north of 18th Road.  The East Shore Corporation is currently pumping and hauling waste, at their own expense, that is being treated in the town’s wastewater system.

A representative of the corporation told the town council at an earlier meeting that the corporation members hope to have everything in place to get the Conservancy District up and running in early 2020. 

Clevenger said the attorney for the East Shore Corporation is expected to present a Memorandum of Understanding to the town council members in a future meeting that outlines the terms of the connection into the town’s wastewater system. 

Clevenger added he’s been in touch with Financial Advisor Jeff Rowe from Baker Tilly who is assisting in establishing cost of services and fees for capacity, and up-front costs, similar to actions taken to begin the Southwest Conservancy District in Culver.