Hamlet Council Hears Concern about Starke Street Sidewalk

The Town of Hamlet has made some considerable investments into Starke Street’s sidewalks in recent years, but one resident told the town council last week that there are other areas that can still use some work.

The sidewalk on the east side of the street across from the town hall got major upgrades a few years ago, but once you cross Pearl Street, the condition is much worse, according to Susie Rowles. “It’s the worst looking place on Starke Street,” she said. “You have these nice sidewalks and lights here, and then it’s so broken down, they even park on it, and all the kids are having to go out in the street to ride their bikes.”

She added that young mothers and elderly people also have to find a way around that stretch of sidewalk. Making matters worse is an apparent drainage issue in the street.

Town officials pointed out that they’re offering to split the cost of sidewalk repairs with property owners. But Council President Dave Kesvormas wasn’t in favor of the town covering the entire cost, if residents don’t want to pay. “We’ve had several people that have paid 50/50 into a sidewalk program, and if the town was just to do that for that homeowner there, I think it would tick a lot of people off,” he said.

Kesvormas added that the state’s Community Crossings program is getting more restrictive, when it comes to sidewalk funding. As for the drainage issue, Kesvormas said he’d ask Street Superintendent Kevin Leinbach to make sure the drain there gets attention, during the next round of cleaning.