Knox Water Dept to Flush Hydrants this Week, Leaf Pick-Up Scheduled for Later This Month

The Knox Water Department for the City of Knox will be flushing hydrants through the remainder of the week.

Mayor Dennis Estok informed council members Tuesday night that crews will be flushing hydrants during the day on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

He issued a reminder about something that occurs as a result of the procedure.

Estok explained, “Sometimes when they flush, you’ll get that iron in your water a little bit so that’s probably the reason why, because they’re flushing the hydrants.’

The flushing process may result in a slight discoloration temporarily but the water is still safe to drink. Residents are advised to run cold water from a bathtub or outside faucet in order to clear it up.

Additionally, Mayor Estok mentioned that leaf pick-up will begin on Monday, October 21st.  

He said crews will start by clearing the entire City at that time and then will move onto doing it precinct-by-precinct as the season progresses.

In the past, the City of Knox has coordinated with the SCILL Center to help elderly and disabled residents clear leaves from their yards. Mayor Estok noted that he still has to get in touch with organization officials to see if that program will be offered again this year.