Knox Board of Works Approves Proposal to Have Water Towers Cleaned and Inspected

Photo Source: Northwest Indiana Photos

The two elevated water towers in the City of Knox will be cleaned and inspected, following a decision made by Board of Works members Wednesday morning.

Water Department Representative Tim Vogelzang submitted a proposal to the members that called for the cleaning of the water tower located off of East Street and the one that’s in the Industrial Park. Vogelzang said this procedure is recommended every three years, and the towers are going on 5-years without it. Continue reading

Knox Water Department Crews to Conduct Fire Hydrant Flushing Soon

Knox Water Department crews will begin flushing fire hydrants throughout the city on Monday, April 16th and work will continue through Thursday, April 19th. The work will be conducted during the day so motorists are asked to avoid driving through areas where they see employees working.

As a result of the hydrant flushing, tap water may appear brown, according to a press release from the Mayor’s Office. The release indicates that the water is safe to drink and can be cleared up by running cold water from a bathtub or outside faucet. Continue reading

Cold Weather Preparation Tips from Knox Water Department Superintendent Todd Gardner

Today is officially the first day of winter and as temperatures are expected to dip below freezing in the coming weeks, home owners need to take necessary precautions to avoid frozen pipes.

Knox Water Department Superintendent Todd Gardner has a few helpful tips to help protect homes this winter season. Superintendent Gardner reported that most incidents happen at the beginning of the season since people don’t take these simple steps before cold weather hits.

His first tip is to be sure that all hoses are disconnected and outdoor faucets are turned off. He said even “frost-free” faucets can freeze and break if they’re not disconnected and completely switched off. He also stressed the importance of making sure that crawlspace doors and other openings are securely shut to keep drafts from entering the home and cooling the water pipes. Continue reading

Knox Water Department to Start Hydrant and Waterline Flushing Wednesday

The Knox Water Department will begin flushing waterlines and fire hydrants tomorrow morning.

Knox Water Superintendent Todd Garner said this procedure is performed to test the working order of the fire hydrants and to keep the water mains clean. Gardner said the work will be done during the day and should be completed, at the latest, by Tuesday of next week.

Keep an eye out for Knox Water Department crews while driving around town this week.

Knox Water Superintendent Announces Completion of Brown Circle Waterline Project

Knox Water Department cutting road to install new 6″ ductile iron waterline to replace the 4″ galvanized waterline

Knox Water Superintendent Todd Gardner announced a milestone in the Brown Circle Waterline Project when the Knox City Council met Tuesday evening.

Gardner told the council members that all the houses that had been hooked up to the old waterline in the area of Brown Circle, were switched over to the new waterline Tuesday, allowing the water department to switch off the outdated system. Three new fire hydrants were also installed as a part of the project. Gardner said when everything was complete, 33 homes were hooked up to the new system.

The Brown Circle Waterline Project was tackled as a preventative measure since the waterline system that was installed in the area in the 1940s was constructed of steel galvanized pipes that had a lifespan of only 40-45 years. The pipes in place were pushing more than 70 years of use and were tangled under residences and yards. Continue reading