Starke County Mobile Response Team Begins Training

Members of the Starke County Mobile Response Team started training this week in order to help victims in overdose situations.

Those involved in the team include a recovery specialist, an EMT/Paramedic and a police officer.  They all would respond to an overdose incident.  The EMT/Paramedic would assess the patient and provide treatment while the police officer is there for security.  The recovery specialist can meet with the overdose patient to discuss needs and rehabilitation measures.  The specialist may be someone who is a former addict who is at least two years sober who is qualified to give life-saving advice. 

Starke County EMS Director Travis Clary and Starke County Sheriff Bill Dulin presented the county commissioners Monday night with Memorandum of Understanding paperwork between the county and Healthlinc.  Healthlinc will be providing reimbursement funds provided in a grant for efforts provided by an EMT/Paramedic and police officer.

The document outlines a payment reimbursement of the county’s EMT/Paramedic and police officer at $100/hour.  The commissioners were concerned with overtime hours.  They questioned who would be responsible for paying overtime if such an instance occurs.

More information will be obtained as training continues this week, but the county can opt out of the agreement at any time. 

The commissioners did unanimously approve the paperwork as presented.