West Central School Board with Corporation Branding Proposal

In an attempt to unify the school colors and an official Trojans logo, West Central School Superintendent Dan Zylstra presented the school board members with a branding proposal last week.

He played a video from a company who helped a school corporation unify its colors and logo to ensure that the public identifies those items with that school corporation.  He feels the same can be done at the West Central School Corporation when it comes to school colors and a Trojan head logo. 

Zylstra stated that there are about 30 different shades of red representing the Trojan red in the school color scheme and about 19 different Trojan head logos used to represent the school. 

He suggested working with a company to pinpoint what school officials can agree on when it comes to colors and a Trojan logo.

“Any future upgrades, every time we slap on paint or buy a new chair, we can make sure that all of those things match.  It’s tough.  One of the ways this works is you partner with these companies and because you’re partnering with these companies uniforms would have that accurate shade of red because it’s from a uniform supplier,” said Zylstra.

No decisions were made during last week’s meeting, but the conversation may continue in a future meeting.