Work Continues on Stellar Communities Projects in Culver

Work continues on two projects within Culver’s Stellar Communities Designation plans.

Town Manager Jonathan Leist said Michiana Contracting crews are working at the Culver Beach Lodge to get outdoor work done before winter weather sets in.  The block and concrete work is done and now work is focused on roofing.  A bit of demolition work needs to be done before new construction can take place.  Officials will soon be looking at cabinets and finalizing plans for the sprinkler system. 

School Street remains closed as crews keep working on the crosswalk in that area to allow visitors to visit the future Cavalier Sports Park.  Leist said that the sewer line is installed for the upcoming restroom project at the Sports Park that will be on the grounds of the Culver Community School Corporation. 

Leist noted that playground equipment is ordered, but probably won’t be delivered until 2020.  The same goes for the restroom facility.  Leist explained that the restroom facility is shipped as a whole structure and the foundation will be poured for that this fall.  If the foundation work can be done this fall, installation could occur in late February or early March, depending on the weather.

Both projects have a substantial completion deadline of March 31, 2020.  Projects are funded by OCRA grant funds as part of the Stellar Communities Designation Program.