North Judson Resident Expresses Concern about Neighbors Allegedly Breaking-In

A North Judson resident came before the Town Council Monday night to express concerns about neighbors reportedly entering his property and taking things.

The individual reported that he suspects his neighbors are picking his locks, breaking into his home and stealing. He added that items were also taken from his garage. He also said he saw someone taking a pipe from his yard. He informed members that a police report has been filed.

Town Marshal Kelly Fisher said that authorities requested list of the items that were stolen so they could attempt to retrieve them but one was not provided because the resident was unsure of everything that had been taken.

During the meeting, he did say it was mostly “menial items” such as rechargeable batteries, stereos, dishes and things of that nature.

Marshall Fisher added that the individuals he suspected of committing the crime were interviewed and denied being over there. She said it couldn’t be pursued any further since police didn’t have any other evidence to go off of. However, she mentioned extra patrols were also conducted in the area as a result of the citizen’s concerns.

The resident stated that he’s looked into security cameras and the ones he found were apparently very costly. He noted that he can afford to purchase them but he didn’t think he should have to in order to feel safe.

One woman weighed in on the matter, calling on fellow residents to step up and help protect their neighborhoods by looking out for each other.

She noted, “It affects all of us, we had things stolen in right in broad daylight and the neighbors watched it and then admitted they never called the police […] so you’ve got to take responsibility and help your neighbor.”

Another member of the audience reported that purchasing a security system was beneficial for him.  

He explained, “Cameras do work though because I’ve got seven on my place and [Chief Deputy] Frank [Thomas] took the videos of the mischief [with] neighbors and I haven’t had a problem since.”

He did note that since his system has multiple cameras it cost around $400.  

Clerk-Treasurer Andrew Rowe described some less expensive options that can be monitored with a smart phone that can be found online for under $40. Councilwoman Wendy Hoppe added that game cameras are also affordable and would do the trick.