Knox Mayor Thanks Richard Mast Once Again for Donation that Brought in New Sign

Knox Mayor Dennis Estok once again extended his gratitude to former resident and KHS Hall of Fame inductee Richard Mast after the new electronic message board was erected on the south end of the city on Tuesday.

As reminder, Richard Mast grew up in the city in 1940s and 50s and was a member of the KHS basketball team. His athletic abilities eventually earned him a scholarship to Northwestern University.

He approached Mayor Estok several months ago, motivated to give back to the community that helped him secure a college education.

After coordinating back and forth Mr. Mast was provided with a list of potential projects that were being considered and he selected the message board. His donation totaled more than $50,000 and was initially made to the Northern Indiana Community Foundation, who then provided it to the City for this purpose.  

Knox High School’s 1953 Sectional Winners – Richard “Dick” Mast is #43
Photo Source: Starke County Historical Society

Mast shared that he chose that specific project because he hoped by providing the new sign, more residents will be informed about local events and will be able to enjoy the many wonderful opportunities that Knox has to offer.

Mayor Estok reported that the electronics for the message board haven’t been wired up yet been but it should fully functional within the next few weeks. Estok previously commented on the sign’s placement, noting that this will be able to capture the attention of motorists who more frequently travel enter and exit the City from the south end. 

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