Knox Board of Works Sets New Requirements for 6 North Pearl Street Repairs

The Knox Board of Works is taking steps to get the owner of 6 North Pearl Street to finish repairs.

The board had called for the home’s demolition back in 2016 but later agreed to give a new owner a chance to fix the issues. But as of this summer, work still apparently wasn’t done, and the board of works voted not to renew the building permit.

During a public hearing last week, board members decided to require the owner to post a $25,000 performance bond by the board’s December meeting. They also set a new deadline of April 22, 2020 for the completion of the work. By that time, the structure must be sound, the building should be secure, and a fence will have to be taken down, among other requirements. If not, the city will impose a $5,000 civil penalty.

Director of Building and Code Compliance Kenny Pfost didn’t think the remaining work was too extensive. He believed the house was structurally sound, although the inside has been gutted and framing work still isn’t done.