Knox Board of Works Receives Update About Pearl Street Structure

Top: 6 N. Pearl as of Thursday, July 15th Bottom: Structure Design with Renovations

A progress report on a Pearl Street property was provided when Knox Board of Works members met last Wednesday.

Neighborhood Development Project Manager Rosie Levya provided the update and handed out the schematics of what is planned for the disheveled structure that stands at 6 N. Pearl Street. Continue reading

Knox BOW Receives Update on Distressed Structure at 6 N. Pearl Street

At the request of Knox Board of Public Works members, the owner of a distressed property at 6 North Pearl Street presented a project update at their meeting last Wednesday.

She informed the members that the work that was once been stalled is back on track and that the contractor is now on site. However, she added that he began work a week behind the scheduled start date, so they’re in the process of playing “catch-up” at the moment. Continue reading