North Judson-San Pierre Administrators Considering School Calendar Options

North Judson-San Pierre school officials are considering a couple options for the 2020-2021 school calendar. Superintendent Dr. Annette Zupin told the school board this month that one version would see the school year run from August 5 to May 20, while the other would have students in class from August 12 through May 26.

“A lot of things play into this, but to be honest, we’d like to move closely with Knox because of our vocational program, and they already have their calendar,” Zupin explained. “We do do something different than Knox. They have a two-week spring break. We only have a one. So there are some differences.”

Zupin said N.J.-S.P. officials generally prefer starting later to give families a longer summer. But the earlier option follows Knox Schools’ calendar more closely, and the two semesters would be more balanced when it comes to the number of class days. “However, the teachers will talk about things like, ‘Okay, but there’s test days in the spring, and those aren’t really instructional days.’ And so that number may be closer together when we deduct that,” Zupin pointed out. “So those are the type of conversations that we will have with administrators and teachers.”

Zupin plans to present a recommendation to the school board in January.