Culver Town Council Members Revisits Request to Pay Unused Officer Vacation, Personal Time

The Culver Town Council members revisited a request made by Police Chief Wayne Bean concerning paying out unused officer vacation, holiday or personal time in 2019.

Clerk-Treasurer Karen Heim said there was a motion made last month concerning the pay, but it needed to be clearer as the original motion stated only vacation days.

“If you look at the information I provided, not all of the time that was wasn’t able to be taken were vacation times.  It was also holiday and personal time.  So, I have not paid it out just because I wanted to get it cleaned up before I did so.  If I could have a motion to pay out untaken 2019 holidays, vacation days, and personal days for the police officers,” asked Heim. 

The motion was approved as stated by Heim.

The exact amount wasn’t given, but the town council agreed to pay approximately 20 days of holiday, personal and vacation time off for officers who could not take the time off during the year.  This is an annual request as the police department is short-staffed and not all time off can be taken.