Knox City Council Considers PERF Adjustment Request

A request related to the Public Employees Retirement Fund came before Knox City Council members when they met Tuesday night.

An employee who has been working for the City of Knox for more than three decades asked the council members to approve a PERF adjustment since there were about four and half years of full-time employment that were unaccounted for.

Mayor Dennis Estok explained that the City will likely have to ‘buy back’ that time. He explained that the way PERF works is that the City pays a certain percentage of the employees’ salary and puts it into the retirement fund.

Estok noted that they’ll just have to go back and see what the percentage was at the time the missing four and half years occurred and apply it to the employee’s salary at that time.

Clerk-Treasurer Cyndi Mann-Kidder stated that a call has been made to PERF officials and she’s waiting for some figures to come back.

The council members cast a unanimous vote to take the necessary steps to make the adjustment.