Knox Police, Code Enforcement Officers Deliver Reports to BOW Members

Knox City Police Chief Harold Smith told the Board of Works members last week that several officers are experiencing medical issues which has plagued the department.

One officer had surgery while another was out because of a family medical emergency.  A third officer was injured while chasing a suspect, but is currently on desk duty completing paperwork.  The department is handling the work while these officers are out to ensure that the city is adequately covered until all officers are able to return. 

Meanwhile, Knox Director of Building and Code Compliance Kenny Pfost said he continues to do code enforcements and inspections.  He anticipates scheduling two more public hearings for property owners who fail to comply with the unsafe building process.

He told the board members that he’s gotten complaints that some residents living in rental units are heating homes with stoves.  He’s working with landlords and tenants on that issue and other non-compliant issues found during rental inspections.  He said he’s working on orders to get those items resolved.