No Further Appeals Filed in City Tavern Case in Culver

No other court paperwork has been filed in the unsafe building case involving the Town of Culver and Scotty Van Hawk and the 27 Group, owner of the former City Tavern building.

The owner, Scotty Van Hawk and the 27 Group, LLC, appealed the decision of a Marshall County Court judge in support of the town’s order for demolition following a violation of the unsafe building ordinance.   The building suffered a devastating fire on Oct. 9 which led to more public safety issues.  The town council voted to proceed with demolition for public safety. 

Culver Town Attorney Jim Clevenger told the town council members Tuesday night that Friday, Jan. 10 was the deadline to file a petition for a transfer to the Indiana Supreme Court, but a petition was not filed.  He declared that the appeal is done.

Clevenger said a lien has been drafted for signature from the building commissioner which will be amended and filed.  The lien will be to recoup costs from the demolition of the building in December.