North Judson-Wayne Township FD Rescues Woman from Pulaski County Ditch

Picture from an automatic helmet mounted camera
Photo Source: NJ-WT FD FB Page

The North Judson-Wayne Township Fire Department was dispatched to Pulaski County for a single vehicle accident in a ditch this morning (01/06).

Fire Chief Joe Leszek shared there was one female occupant in the pick-up truck and noted that the woman remained conscious and was able to communicate the whole time. He added that she did receive minor injuries as a result of the accident.

Chief Leszek said firefighters were able to transport the patient out of the ditch without having her come into contact with any water.

According to Fire Department officials, the accident occurred in one of the larger ditches in Rich Grove Township. They shared that their ladders, which are tested yearly for complete horizontal work, make great working platforms and bridges for situations like this.

Pictures from an automatic helmet mounted camera
Photo Source: NJ-WT FD FB Page

It was noted that a roof ladder was utilized as well. Department reps mentioned that it has large hooks for assisting firefighters with climbing steep banks with the patient on a back-board.

Two of the firefighters were in the ditch in their water rescue suits which are colloquially referred to as ‘minion’ suits due the color. Officials indicated that the suits have proven to be a very valuable addition to the Department’s equipment over the last 18 months.

The Department was assisted by the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office and EMS Department in addition to a Medaryville firefighter.