Pulaski County to Update Computers, Due to End of Windows 7 Support

The end of support for Windows 7 has Pulaski County updating some of its computers. Auditor Laura Wheeler told the county commissioners last week that there are 11 to 15 computers in the county that are still using the operating system.

“Now, I have checked with both DeGroot’s and with Roeing Corporation, and they said this is not an emergency situation,” Wheeler explained. “However, it does increase the risk of security on these computers and on our network.”

The commissioners agreed to let DeGroot Technology upgrade the computers to Windows 10 at a cost of $140 to $150 apiece. Wheeler said the computers will have to be taken offsite.

She added that she wanted to make sure she had the commissioners’ approval because of the county’s IT situation. DeGroot plans to stop serving as the county’s primary IT contractor at the end of the month. Roeing IT Solutions is anticipated to take over, but first, the company is doing an $11,000 analysis of the county’s technology. Wheeler announced that Roeing will be going through departments’ computer systems this week.