Culver Stellar Communities Projects Continue

Culver Town Manager Jonathan Leist gave the town council members an update on the projects within Culver’s Stellar Communities Designation plan.

With the Cavalier Sports Park project, the restroom kit is expected to arrive in mid-February while the Culver Beach Lodge elevator will arrive on January 10 and will be installed on January 15.  A phone line issue was remedied which was part of the delay in that installation.

Developer Kevin Berger updated the council on the construction of The Paddocks housing development.  Foundations were poured for a townhome on the south side of Cavalier Drive with the utility lines put in place.  The walls are ready to be built. 

Underground utilities and foundations are in place for the northwest apartment building. 

The townhomes are anticipated to be complete by October of 2021. 

Construction on another apartment building is also underway at the site.

In all, Berger said there will be seven building on the property including the Sandhill Farms workforce housing development. 

“There is one community building, three buildings with eight townhomes each, and three apartment buildings with eight apartments each for a total of forty-eight units,” said Berger. 

Rent will be income-based.  The Paddocks is part of Culver’s Stellar Communities Designation Plan.