Starke County Sheriff Proposes Part-Time Pay Phase-in Policy

The Starke County Council members considered a proposal by Sheriff Bill Dulin concerning a pay phase-in policy for part-time staff members at the Starke County Justice Center.

As explained by Auditor Rachel Oesterreich, the proposed change would fall in line with the rest of the part-time employees in the county.

According to the policy, the part-time pay scale has three phases. The first phase is initial hire at $12.76 per hour.  After 60 days and a positive internal review, the employee would move to phase two pay which is $13.52 per hour.  After another 60 days and another positive internal review, the employee would be moved up to the final phase of $14.28 per hour. 

The policy would apply to jailers and dispatchers. 

Starke County Justice Center Office Manager Pam McDonald noted that the funding has already been considered in the 2020 budget. 

The commissioners previously approved the policy and it was unanimously approved by the council members last week.