West Central School Board Reviews Naloxone Policy

The West Central School Board members reviewed a proposed Naloxone policy during their board meeting Thursday night.

Superintendent Dan Zylstra said the policy outlines what steps to take if Narcan needs to be administered in the event of an opioid overdose at the school corporation.

“The policy states that we’ll have it available, that there is a protocol and procedure to use it if it is used and that there is follow-up protocol and procedure to make sure that if it is used that we follow-up with the proper channels,” stated Zylstra. 

Zylstra also mentioned that School Board Secretary Kyle McTeigue, who is also an employee with the Pulaski County EMS Department, trained the staff on the administration of Narcan.  He commented that the Narcan is in place to protect the staff and to protect the students. 

“There are also laws place that protect the teachers as long as they’re not doing something intentional,” added McTeigue.  “They’re protected under what is called Aaron’s Law for administering.  There are some requirements that go with it.  They have to report it, call 911, and they have to stick around to answer any questions that are asked after the fact.”

The school board members approved the Naloxone policy as presented on the first reading.  Additional readings will be considered at their next meeting in February.  Once adopted, it will be a part of the handbook.