Culver Police Department to Hire New Officers

Two Culver Police Department officers have resigned which will leave three officers on the roster.

Culver Police Chief Wayne Bean told the Culver Town Council members Tuesday night that one officer is leaving to go to another department and another officer got a job outside of law enforcement. 

He noted that the newly hired officer still needs to go to the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy but there is a long waiting list for the next round of training.  The next round that the officer could attend is in August.  Bean hopes he can get new officers hired before he goes to the Law Enforcement Academy. 

Bean said it will be tough for a while, but the residents will be covered with police protection as he goes through the hiring process. 

The Culver Town Council members approved a motion to allow Bean to start the hiring process for officers.  They also voted to allow for overtime costs as the remaining officers cover shifts as necessary.  The last action approved by the council was to write a letter claiming a hardship to authorities at the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy to see if the officer needing training can get into the next available round.